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      Communication support in Wales

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      Whether you have hearing loss yourself or an organisation that wants to improve how you communicate with people who have hearing loss, we provide a wide range of communication support services.

      How can you help me with communication support in Wales?

      If you are interested in communication support and live in Wales, we can:

      • help you if you have hearing loss to find out what support is available and what you are entitled to by law
      • provide information to companies seeking a particular service for people with hearing loss, including who should pay, and how to book it.

      Book our communication support

      We are working towards a world in which people with hearing loss can easily access a choice of high quality communication services tailored to their specific requirements on an affordable basis.

      Our Communication Services team has an extensive list of qualified professionals who are trained Language Service Professionals (LSPs) including:

      All our LSPs:

      • Have completed approved interpreter training
      • Follow a formal code of ethics
      • Are subject to a complaints procedure
      • Have undertaken Criminal Records Bureau check

      Find out more and book communication support with Action on Hearing Loss.


      View this page in Welsh