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      Care and Support services in Wales

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      If you have hearing loss, our Care and Support team can support you to live as independently as possible within your local community.

      How does Care and Support help?

      Our Care and Support offers four main different types of assistance in Wales:

      • Residential Care Giving you a home with 24-hour support (with or without nursing, depending on your need).
      • Supported Housing Housing with support to help you live independently. You'll have your own tenancy agreement and can live on your own or share with other people. Our flexible support makes sure you get the help you want as, and when, you need it.
      • Community Services Supporting you at home and in the community, including help with personal care, household tasks, getting out and about, support at college or work, transition to adult life and making the most of our specialist day services.
      • Re-ablement Services Short-term intensive support that helps you regain your confidence and independence by relearning everyday skills that you might have lost through illness, disability or injury.


      For more information, download our brochure Care and Support team or browse our services in your area.

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