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      Policy and Research in Scotland

      Our policy and research includes our ‘Hearing Matters Scotland: Why urgent action is needed on deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss across Scotland’ document and our responses to Scottish Government consultations.

      Hearing Matters in Scotland

      Hearing loss is a major public health issue that affects 997,000 people in Scotland, and this number is set to grow as the population ages.

      Our new report sets out the priorities for the Scottish and UK governments about what action needs to be taken to improve the lives of people who are deaf or have tinnitus or hearing loss.

      Scotland has led the way across the UK in developing quality standards for NHS audiology services, increasing the provision of lipreading classes and launching a national joint sensory strategy.

      However, more needs to be done to make sure people can access high quality audiology and hearing support services in their local community and make informed decisions about how they manage their hearing loss. People who are deaf or have hearing loss must also experience better provision of communication support when accessing services or employment opportunities to fulfill their potential and be an equal citizen.