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      Liz Donaghy

      “It’s amazing what I’ve learned and I feel so much more confident,” Liz Donaghy says, about volunteering with Action on Hearing Loss Scotland.

      It all started when she read a local newspaper article about Action on Hearing Loss Scotland asking people to talk to them about their experience of hearing loss. As someone who had hearing loss since childhood, Liz decided to get in touch and from there, Liz took part in a BBC Scotland radio interview. Next stop was giving a speech at the charity’s event in the Scottish Parliament.

      “That was really quite something. I really wasn’t going to do it, but my granddaughter said: ‘Nana, you’ve got to!’ Once I stood up, I was fine. When I’d finished I thought ‘I can’t believe I’ve actually done that!”

      Having caught the volunteering bug, Liz, 68, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, decided to take part in fundraising and campaigning activities, as well as undertaking training with the hearing aid support service Hear to Help.

      “I recently spoke at a senior forum in Paisley which was really good – a lot of older people said they had similar problems to me. As a result, I am planning on doing more volunteering where I can go out and talk with people about hearing loss, my experiences and the support that is available.”

      Liz’s volunteering has brought other opportunities such as travelling to London to represent Action on Hearing Loss Scotland at an event hosted by the Secretary of State for Scotland and has also winning the charity’s ‘Passion in Action’ volunteer award.

      Through her volunteering, Liz has discovered a sense of community and, not only has she gained confidence in herself, she’s seen an improvement in her social life.
      Liz strongly recommends Action on Hearing Loss as somewhere to volunteer: “It’s a great charity and they do fantastic work. The more volunteers they get the more information and support they can get out there.

      “I’ve gained lots of new friends and have met a people like myself who are deaf and volunteer.

      “I would suggest to anyone with spare time to volunteer as you get a lot back from it. If you can help someone regarding their hearing you get a good feeling about yourself.” 

      Irene Fye and Liz Donaghy at the Volunteer awards in June 2019