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      Tinnitus support service

      If you have a ringing or buzzing in your ear and it's starting to impact on your quality of life, our Tinnitus Support service can help.

      Tinnitus is a medical term to describe the perception of noise either in one ear, both ears, or in the head, when there is no corresponding external sound. As tinnitus is an ‘invisible' condition, the impact that it can have is often underestimated. People with tinnitus have reported that it can make them feel stressed, depressed and anxious, and that it can affect their sleep. It can also affect personal relationships. If this sounds familiar to you, then get in touch with us.

      Melissa describes her experiences of tinnitus and what helps her cope with it:

      Our Tinnitus Support Service is available throughout Northern Ireland. We can provide you with information on causes of tinnitus and techniques to help you manage it, and we can demonstrate products that can help relieve its effects. We offer confidential and expert one-to-one support to help you cope with, and manage, tinnitus more effectively. We run Tinnitus Awareness events and can run one in your local area. You can also attend a Tinnitus Awareness Course to help you understand the condition and find out what help is available.

      For more information, please contact us at

      "This is a very caring, supportive and essential service – knowing someone else knows the difficulties, and can offer help and information, is vital"

      Sensory Support

      Sensory Support teams are based across all Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland and provide advice and assistance for people with a sensory loss (hearing and/or sight loss), and people with tinnitus, including tinnitus support groups. They can also provide specialist equipment (on the basis of assessed need), and access to communication support.

      Where else can I get help?

      If you're looking for more information, visit our Tinnitus forum, where you'll find a great online community full of tips and information. You can also download our free factsheets and leaflets, or contact our Information Line at:

      Telephone: 028 9555 4125 (freephone)
      Textphone: 028 9024 9462 (freephone)
      SMS: 0780 0000 360

      Our Information Line offers free confidential and impartial information on a whole range of subjects relating to deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

      The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) can also provide guidance and information about tinnitus. They have a helpful website: as well as a helpline: 0800 018 0527 (free of charge – from within the UK only).