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      Hearing aid user support service

      Our response to coronavirus (Covid-19)

      In light of the rapidly changing circumstances of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Action on Hearing Loss is suspending our Hearing Aid User Support Sessions until further notice.

      Action on Hearing Loss recognises that the majority of hearing aid users accessing this service fall into the most vulnerable groups, and we are currently working on identifying other ways to offer support.

      Our Hearing Aid Liaison Officers are available to provide support to NHS hearing aid users over the phone and via email. We can also post batteries where possible.

      • Belfast HSC Trust: Melissa O’Neill (Wednesday-Friday), melissa.o’, 07918 112290
      • Northern HSC Trust: Carolyn Ritchie (Wednesday non-working day),, 07407 732106
      • South Eastern HSC Trust: Hazel Wilson,, 07342 994453
      • Southern HSC Trust: Carolyn Ritchie (Wednesday non-working day),, 07407 732106
      • Western HSC Trust: Mary Cruickshank,, 07918 767640


      Do you live in Northern Ireland and need help with your NHS hearing aids? Our Hearing Aid User Support Service volunteers can provide free advice and support.

      Help with hearing aids in Northern Ireland

      Our free Hearing Aid User Support Service enables people to make the most of their hearing aids and manage their hearing loss effectively. Our trained staff and volunteers can help with:

      • changing tubing, cleaning ear moulds and replacing batteries
      • maintaining your hearing aids and helping you make the most of them
      • information about hearing loss and hearing aids
      • hearing checks
      • signposting to other services that can provide support
      • information about other useful equipment.

      Support sessions in 2020

      No upcoming dates.
      I was so delighted to learn this service was available to me locally and I did not need an appointment. The volunteer was so helpful and provided me with incredible advice and information, and, best of all, my hearing aid worked perfectly when I left the support session.

      We provide these services in the community so that you don't need to visit a hospital. We run relaxed and friendly hearing aid support sessions at community venues across Northern Ireland or, if you're unable to get to one of the support sessions, we can arrange a home visit.

      Everything we do is in partnership with local Health and Social Care Trusts.

      How to Retube a Hearing Aid

      Our Hearing Aid Liaison Officers show you how to retube a hearing aid, change a battery and insert an earmould


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