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      New Tinnitus Support Officer in Derry/Londonderry

      31 January 2019

      During Tinnitus Week (4-10 February), Action on Hearing Loss wants to make people with Tinnitus aware of the free local support on offer through the charity’s Tinnitus Support Service in the North West.

      The charity now has a Tinnitus Support Officer based in their Derry/ Londonderry office who can offer confidential one-to-one support, as well as talks to Community groups, Tinnitus Awareness Events and Tinnitus Management courses. The service, funded by the Health & Social Care Board, supported more than 200 people in Northern Ireland with Tinnitus between 2017-18. The charity now wants to reach even more people in the North West area.

      Tinnitus, often described as ‘ringing in the ears’, is the perception of sound in the head or ears when no external sound is present. The sound can range from hissing, buzzing, squeaking or whistling. Tinnitus can be experienced for a short time, or can be persistent, with the noise often seeming to become louder at times of stress, or in quiet environments.

      Action on Hearing Loss estimates that almost 9,500 people in Northern Ireland experience Tinnitus to such a degree that it severely interrupts their daily lives, impacting on the person’s ability to sleep, work and socialise. 10-20% of the general population experience tinnitus less severely.

      Aoife McGlinchey, Tinnitus Support Officer at Action on Hearing Loss in the North West, said:

      “Although there is no cure for Tinnitus, there are various management techniques which can help a person cope with the noise and improve their quality of life. I want to help others in the North West reduce the severity of their Tinnitus and improve their daily lives by practicing some of the management tools available. I am looking forward to working with the strong team already present in the Western Trust to offer support to people with Tinnitus and expand our reach into more rural areas”.

      As a musician who developed Tinnitus, Aoife is also hoping to raise awareness amongst musicians in the North West about the risks to your hearing of over-exposure to loud music.

      To contact the Tinnitus Support Service in the North West, contact Aoife at 07951 709923 or email 
      Aoife McGlinchey, Tinnitus Support Officer at Action on Hearing Loss in the North West