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      Getting hearing loss on the agenda

      Mark Ewing, Outreach Worker for the Aged Veterans Project in Northern Ireland, was pleased to be invited to the UK Government Consultation Strategy Meeting concerning veterans.

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      The occasion was an excellent opportunity to emphasise the continuing need for support and funding for Northern Ireland veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Over the last year, Mark has supported more than 500 veterans in Northern Ireland, including more than 90 on a one to one basis. By contributing to the government consultation, we hope to keep hearing loss and tinnitus on the agenda as one of the most prevalent post service medical issues within the veteran community.

      The Government Consultation is the mechanism by which coordination and delivery of care to veterans is formulated for the next ten years. These findings will be presented to the Secretary of State for Defence.

      In Northern Ireland contributors included member organisations of the Northern Ireland Veterans’ Support Committee (NIVSC) of which Action on Hearing Loss is a member, as well as wider representation from statutory and voluntary contributors to Veterans’ welfare, Local Authority Veterans Champions, academics and employers.

      This coordinated approach will assist veterans to access a diverse array of services already offered by the organisations and charities committed to supporting veterans and their families; thereby assisting them in the transition to civilian life.

      Mark said: "It was a pleasure to attend the UK Government Consultation and raise awareness of the needs of Veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus in Northern Ireland. Veterans under the age of 75 are three and half times more likely to report difficulty hearing than the general population and can often suffer from isolation. This service ensures veterans get the information they need and know where to turn for support."