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      Deaf awareness for young people

      We need to educate our young people to be more deaf aware if we're to change public attitudes and behaviours towards deafness and hearing loss.

      Our Deaf Awareness for Young People (D.A.Y.) project works with schoolchildren to increase their understanding of the needs of people with hearing loss. Our trained volunteers visit schools and youth clubs across Northern Ireland to teach basic sign language and communication skills, and provide easy-to-understand information.

      What the project will provide

      Trained staff and/or volunteers will attend your school or youth group to deliver a detailed lesson plan which will engage and inform children and young people.

      • It can be tailored to any age group. For younger children, we use books and puppets to make learning fun and interactive. For older children, we explore how the ear works, teach basic sign language and give pointers on how to communicate effectively with people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.
      • The D.A.Y. project does not currently receive funding of any kind and relies on voluntary donations from schools and youth groups which take part in the programme. We are grateful for any contribution but would suggest a minimum donation of £100 towards our vital services.
      "It was a pleasure to have you to Junior School. The boys and staff all gained a lot of new information and had a great deal of fun in the process."

      How to get involved

      So, if you work with young people, have children of school age, or think that your local school or youth club might be interested, please complete the online form below.

      We are also always keen to recruit new volunteers to help us deliver the D.A.Y. programme. Contact to find out more about volunteering.