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      Unlimited Potential ?

      Updated 10 Dec 2011
      Download publication (PDF, 428KB) Download publication (PDF, 428KB)

      Research into the experiences of people with hearing loss in the workplace.

      We are calling on employers to remove the major barriers that prevent people who have hearing loss from progressing with their careers, forcing many out of work.

      Unlimited Potential, published in 2011, explored the experiences of 27 people who lost some, or part of, their hearing while of working age. We also drew on relevant findings from our 2010 annual members' survey

      Our report shows that:

      Losing your hearing can be extremely distressing and, to make matters worse, we found that some people are fearful that if their hearing deteriorates further, they will be unable to do their job as well – or even that they will lose their job. This, in turn, can impact upon their confidence.

      However, over time and with the right support, a person can adjust.

      “I’d say I’ve adapted to the job that I’ve done, with the problem I’ve got.” Survey respondent.

      Shockingly, some participants were forced to resign, retire early or made redundant. This was as a result of adjustments not being made to enable them to continue effectively in their role. Looking for work can also be difficult, with some prospective employers dismissive of people with hearing loss.

      What next?

      We propose a range of solutions in the report to ensure people with hearing loss are effectively supported in the workplace.

      Also, read more about our Working for Change campaign.

      Download publication (PDF, 428KB)