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      Under Pressure

      Updated 4 Feb 2015
      Download publication (PDF, 2.13MB) Download publication (PDF, 2.13MB)

      NHS audiology services provide vital support for people with hearing loss, but they're under significant pressure and without proper investment won't be able to respond to our ageing population's needs.

      Our new report, 'Under pressure: NHS audiology across the UK', shows that NHS audiology services are under significant pressure, with two in every five (41%) offering patients a reduced service as a result of budget cuts or increased demand. This is in on top of recent proposals in three areas of the country to drastically restrict NHS hearing aids.

      Short-term cuts such as restricting hearing aids or follow-up appointments will only lead to reduced quality of life for patients, and to higher costs in the long term for the NHS and social care system.

      Our research included responses from 140 NHS audiology providers in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The report includes our recommendations for audiology services, commissioners, NHS England and governments across the UK, and examples of good practice that audiology services shared with us.

      Download publication (PDF, 2.13MB)

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