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      Speak Easy: hearing the views of your customers

      Updated 1 Jul 2016
      Background noise
      Download publication (PDF, 1.61MB)

      As part of our Speak Easy campaign, in summer 2016 we launched Speak Easy: Hearing the views of your customers - a comprehensive report calling on restaurants, cafés and pubs to reduce background noise.

      Based on a survey of 1,461 people, the report found that background noise is by far the biggest problem faced by people when eating out, leaving many customers excluded from the conversations going on around them.

      The trend for hard surfaces, high ceilings, and background music make the problem worse.

      The business case

      Our survey shows us that diners are already voting with their feet:

      • 91% said they wouldn’t go back to a venue where noise levels were too high.
      • 79% have left an establishment early because it was too noisy.
      • Three in four said they’d go out more often if the noise levels were lower.

      We can help venues to:

      • identify practical changes they can make, without compromising on aesthetics
      • promote their new accessibility to people with hearing loss.

      The report's partner guide, Speak Easy: How to improve the customer experience outlines a number of practical adaptations that venues can make to manage background noise levels and ensure they’re fully accessible to people with hearing loss.

      Download publication (PDF, 1.61MB)