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      Hidden Disadvantage

      Updated 8 Jan 2014
      Download publication (PDF, 707.03KB) Download publication (PDF, 707.03KB)

      Hearing loss is often referred to as a ‘hidden’ disability and the barriers people with hearing loss face in relation to employment are not always obvious – but they’re very real.

      "I retired to remove the stress from my life. It was difficult to maintain good communications with my hearing peers in the workplace and I often felt undervalued and under-appreciated."

      We wanted to know why people with hearing loss are still missing out at work. So we conducted a survey to dig deeper into people's employment experiences, the types of support and adjustments people made use of at work, and views on barriers to employment.

      Findings and recommendations

      Our findings demonstrate that hearing loss can force people to quit work, or prevent people from fulfilling their potential, and often leads to feeling isolated in the workplace. The survey also asked about views on the barriers to employment for people with hearing loss, with a substantial proportion of respondents citing the attitude of employers.

      The report makes a number of recommendations aimed at government and employers as to how people with hearing loss could be better supported in the labour market.

      You can download the executive summary of the report to get an overview of the findings and recommendations.

      Find out more

      Read about our Working for Change campaign in the campaigns section of our website, or find support for people with hearing loss at work in our employment section.

      Download publication (PDF, 707.03KB)