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      Cut Off

      Updated 10 Feb 2012
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      Assessing provision of adult audiology services and the impact of budget cuts.

      We're urging NHS commissioners and budget managers across England to protect people with hearing loss from the false economy of cuts to life-changing hearing services, following research by the charity which discovered 43% of adult services have been affected by budgetary pressures.

      Our 2012 report, Cut Off, used data gathered via Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from heads of audiology at 128 NHS Trusts to reveal the impact that cuts are having on the quality of hearing services across the country.


      Audiology services are not a soft option - they change lives. Based on these findings, our recommendations to audiology service providers, commissioners and other key decision makers are to:

      • protect provision of bilateral hearing aids and tinnitus services
      • address local variation in access to services
      • stop cutting vital services such as follow-up – it is a false economy
      • use innovations in the best interests of patients.

      For an updated report about audiology services in England, see our Under Pressure report.

      Download publication (PDF, 405.59KB)