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      Research reports

      Find our research reports and executive summaries here.

      Research is a vital part of our work. When we campaign, raise awareness, or work with the media on stories about hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus, we need strong evidence to guide us and support our calls to action. We're constantly developing our research so check back soon for more information.

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      Tuning out Tinnitus

      We have published our ‘Tuning out tinnitus’ report which is informed by the views and experiences of 459 people across Scotland who sought information or support to limit the impact of their condition on everyday life.

      Valuing Audiology: NHS Hearing Aid Services in England

      Valuing Audiology looks at the performance of NHS hearing aid services in England, and sets out policy solutions to increase accountability, boost access, ensure adherence to national guidance, and make use of emerging technology.

      Northern Ireland Audiology Services Patient Survey 2018

      In a survey commissioned by the Health & Social Care Board, we asked patients who had a hearing aid fitted between October 2013 and September 2017 to give their opinion on the quality of service they had received from their local NHS Audiology clinic.

      Executive Summary
      Updated 18 Oct 2018

      Working for Change Survey

      This report outlines all the findings from our survey of people with hearing loss about experiences in the workplace.

      Updated 8 Oct 2018
      Working for change

      On the Right Track?

      This report present findings of survey research exploring transport experiences of people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

      Equal Treatment?

      Between September 2017 and January 2018 we asked people in Scotland who are deaf or have hearing loss to take part in our Access to Health Service survey. The results are in our report ‘Equal Treatment?’

      Updated 14 May 2018
      On the record

      Good Practice?

      This report presents the findings of survey research exploring the experiences of people who are deaf or have hearing loss when accessing GP surgeries.

      Updated 20 Mar 2018
      On the record

      Good Practice? Northern Ireland

      In Northern Ireland, people who are deaf or have hearing loss are still experiencing difficulties when accessing health care services. We’re calling for an Accessible Information Standard to make sure we get the same level of access to health services as people in other parts of the UK.

      Updated 20 Mar 2018
      On the record

      Good Practice? Wales

      In this report we present the findings of our survey exploring the experiences of people who are deaf or have hearing loss, when accessing GP surgeries.

      Updated 20 Mar 2018
      On the record

      Hearing Progress 2017

      This report includes information about the latest achievements and progress from the research we’re funding in universities around the world to find treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Updated 17 Nov 2017
      Biomedical research

      Technology used to aid hearing in background noise: insight from people with hearing loss

      This report describes the findings of our research to discover what technologies people are using to aid communication in background noise, understand how well these technologies are meeting people’s needs – and makes key recommendations for future focus.

      Executive summary
      Updated 16 Oct 2017
      Background noise

      Working for change: improving attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace

      Our Working for Change report makes recommendations to government, employers and people with hearing loss aimed at changing attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace.

      Working for change: Inequality of opportunity

      Working for change: inequality of opportunity, identifies the barriers to further and higher education, training and employment for people with hearing loss in Northern Ireland

      Executive summary
      Updated 23 Oct 2017

      Speak Easy: hearing the views of your customers

      As part of our Speak Easy campaign, in summer 2016 we launched Speak Easy: Hearing the views of your customers - a comprehensive report calling on restaurants, cafés and pubs to reduce background noise.

      Updated 1 Jul 2016
      Background noise

      Hearing Matters

      Hearing Loss is major public health issue that affects more than 11 million people across the UK. Read our report which outlines updated evidence demonstrating the link between hearing loss and mental health.

      Updated 19 Nov 2015
      Hearing loss

      Managing hearing loss when seeking or in employment

      Our report, funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), details how lipreading and related support can help people with hearing loss stay in, and find, work.

      Time to raise the standards

      The experience of NHS audiology patients in Scotland.

      Progress on pause

      What can be done to improve the experience of people who use subtitles on linear TV and on-demand services? Read our report Progress on Pause, launched in 2015 as part of our Subtitle it! campaign.

      Progress on pause
      Updated 10 Jan 2015

      Quality Time

      Do quality of life issues inform the advice that audiologists give to people with hearing loss?

      Under Pressure

      NHS audiology services provide vital support for people with hearing loss, but they're under significant pressure and without proper investment won't be able to respond to our ageing population's needs.

      Hidden Disadvantage

      Hearing loss is often referred to as a ‘hidden’ disability and the barriers people with hearing loss face in relation to employment are not always obvious – but they’re very real.

      Not just Lip service

      Our ‘Not Just Lip Service’ report provides us with evidence about how lipreading classes can improve communication and help people with hearing loss to live full and independent lives.

      Why people with hearing loss or deafness would benefit from an integrated response to long-term conditions.

      Updated 4 Jun 2013
      Hearing loss

      Life Support

      Hearing loss and deafness can lead to people feeling isolated and socially excluded. We look at the importance of access to social care and support.

      Evaluation Framework for Adult Hearing Services in England

      A framework for evaluating adult hearing services using outcomes relevant to service users.

      Getting the full picture

      For people who are deaf or have hearing loss, subtitles are vital to their understanding of television programmes.

      Updated 1 Jan 2013

      Hearing loss, tinnitus and mental health

      An overview of the research investigating the links between hearing loss, tinnitus and mental health.

      Updated 8 Jan 2013
      Mental Health

      Work in Progress

      A Disability Charities Consortium report calling for an urgent rethink on employment support for disabled people.

      Updated 7 Feb 2013

      Access All Areas

      A report into the experiences of people with hearing loss when accessing healthcare.

      Assessing provision of adult audiology services and the impact of budget cuts.

      Unlimited Potential ?

      Research into the experiences of people with hearing loss in the workplace.

      Updated 10 Dec 2011

      Seen But Not Heard

      “I suppose they are busy people; don’t have a lot of time. They fit the hearing aid, that's it I suppose. They must just assume once you have got it, it's going to be alright.”

      Hearing Matters 2011

      Our original Hearing Matters report outlines the dramatic evidence showing why the government needs to step up its response to hearing loss.

      Updated 6 Jan 2011
      Hearing loss

      Read My Lips - A research report into lipreading in Northern Ireland

      This report aims to provide an understanding of the benefits of lipreading for people with an acquired hearing loss and an overview the availability of lipreading classes in Northern Ireland.

      Updated 6 Jan 2011

      Cost benefit analysis of hearing screening for older people

      At Action on Hearing Loss we believe in encouraging people to take action and seek help for their hearing loss.

      Open to all

      Exploring the barriers faced by people who are deaf or have hearing loss when accessing public services.

      Updated 4 Feb 2010
      Access to services

      What's that noise ?

      What's That Noise? A profile of personal and professionals experience of tinnitus in Northern Ireland (2010)

      Opportunity blocked

      Looking at the employment experiences of people with hearing loss.

      Is it my turn yet?

      Is It My Turn Yet? Access to GP practices in Northern Ireland for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted. (2010)

      A World of Silence

      Around 400,000 older people live in the UK's care homes and the number is set to grow each year. Making sure these people receive the best care possible is an urgent priority.