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      Staff fundraising

      Employee fundraising is great for team building and a fun way to boost office morale.

      Whether it’s taking part in one of our challenge events or something a little less physically demanding, we have lots of tips for engaging your colleagues.

      Top 5 office fundraising activities

      1. Bake off - For your own office Great British Bake Off, you’ll need some judges, (we recommend going straight to the top and asking the boss), some contestants, and lots of colleagues with an appetite and willing to pay £2 a slice to sample the creations.
      2. Sky dive - Take the ultimate leap and take part in an adrenaline-pumping sky dive, or take part in another of our fantastic events.
      3. Loud outfit day - Help us highlight the dangers of loud music by wearing your 'loudest' outfit.
      4. Triathlon team – Are you a swimmer but not a runner or a cyclist? Or vice versa? Team up with your colleagues and take part in a triathlon together. You’ll need a runner, a swimmer and a cyclist.
      5. Zip it - Take on a silence challenge and get an understanding of what it’s like not to be able to communicate in the workplace.

      For more fundraising tips and inspiration, download our fundraising kits.