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      How we raise and spend our money

      Last year our supporters raised an incredible amount so we were able to provide support to more people affected by hearing loss than ever before.

      Thanks to our supporters’ generosity and the huge commitment of our volunteers, members and staff, our total income for the year was £40.29m – an increase of £1.89m on 2015-16. Our charitable expenditure was £42.21, which is an increase of £3.31 million on 2015-16.

      Financial Review 2016-17

      Income and Expenditure 2017; Income £40.29m vs Expenditure £42.25m

      Where did our money come from?

      Our income was £40.29m, an increase of £1.89m on the year before.

      • Support and care – £21.99m
      • Technology and Treatments: £1.53m
      • Equality: £3.50m
      • Voluntary income and activities for generating funds: £12.59m
      • Other income and investments: £0.69m

      How was our money spent?

      We spent £42.25m on supporting people with deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus, £3.39m more than the year before.

      • Support and care – £28.35m
      • Technology and treatments – £3.74m
      • Equality – £5.90m