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Campaigns in Northern Ireland

Our campaigns aim to raise awareness and improve the lives of people who are deaf, have a hearing loss or tinnitus.

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Image: First Minister and Deputy First Minister with NI Director, Jackie White, at the opening of the new Northern Ireland office at Harvester House.

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We've been working closely with the Northern Ireland Assembly and partner organisations to improve the lives of people with hearing loss in Northern Ireland.

Below, you can find a list of the campaigns we are running in Northern Ireland and the UK. 

<alt=“”> Access to Health Services 

People are often left unsure about their diagnosis and the treatment they need. There is a huge amount of work to do to change this.

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Hear to help session Improving audiology services 

Through our campaigning, everyone in Northern Ireland who requires a hearing aid receives a digital aid tuned to their personal level of hearing loss.

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Healthcare.Improving tinnitus services

Our research has found that there is no clear path for people with tinnitus to follow to get help. Many people are not aware that there is help available.

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Past campaigns and achievements


Person using British Sign LanguageBritish and Irish Sign Language (BSL and ISL)

After years of campaigning by the deaf community, BSL and ISL were officially recognised as minority languages in Northern Ireland in March 2004.

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