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      NHS Blog

      The NHS has been a huge part of so many lives in the past 70 years – whether it’s a service user, student, or audiologist everyone has had their own personal experiences and breakthroughs with the public health body. To mark the anniversary, people have shared their stories in a series of blog posts. From a young woman who couldn’t imagine her life without hearing aids to the charity’s Director of Research discussing our biomedical accomplishments over the years, please take a look.

      The NHS and a digital revolution

      It’s human nature, I guess, to take the things that matter most in life for granted – our other half, our friends and family, our health – except for the odd wake-up call when you’re reminded just how much you appreciate them.

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      Deafinitelygirly Blog Logo

      Life without the NHS is hard to comprehend for deaf people

      Deaf Girly lives and works in London. You can read about her experiences at and follow her on Twitter @DeafGirly

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      Paul Breckell and Kathleen Hill

      What the NHS has meant to me

      I have lived most of my life under the NHS umbrella. It has shielded me from so many of the ravages that ill health can wreak upon those living in less fortunate circumstances.

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      Ralph Holmes

      Research is key to NHS helping people with hearing loss

      We are proud to work hand in hand with the NHS and here Dr Ralph Holme, who leads the biomedical team at Action on Hearing Loss, talks about how over the years our research has helped the NHS transform the lives of people with hearing loss.

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      The NHS’s impact on people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss cannot be understated

      Paul Breckell, Chief Executive of Action on Hearing Loss, discusses how the charity’s relationship with the NHS has remained closely connected over the past 70 years, and what we as an organisation will continue working with them on in the future.

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      It’s more important than ever to protect NHS services

      Gemma Twitchen, Senior Audiologist here at Action on Hearing loss, writes about the impact we have had on NHS audiology services and how we’re working to address some of the challenges faced now.

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