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      UK national charity sets up cross channel partnership to help develop treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus

      UK leading hearing loss charity Action on Hearing Loss has partnered up with a renowned French Organisation Fondation Pour l’Audition to jointly fund research towards the development of new drug, gene and cell-based treatments for hearing disorders, including tinnitus.

      According to the World Health Organisation there are almost half a billion people around the world with disabling hearing loss. Despite the scale of this global issue, treatments are currently limited to just hearing aids and cochlear implants. To help tackle this the two organisations will invest up to £300,000 (Action on Hearing Loss) and up to €300,000 (Fondation Pour l’Audition) over 3 years, to support crucial projects in both universities and biotech companies all over the world.

      Fondation Pour l’Audition is a French organisation which aims to promote hearing health and improve the lives of people with hearing loss. Although the foundation is based and functions in France, partnering up with Action on Hearing Loss is a big step towards linking up with other organisations on a global scale to find new treatments for people with hearing loss.

      Dr Ralph Holme, Executive Director of Research at Action on Hearing Loss said: “We are thrilled to be partnering up with such a reputable foundation who, like us, tirelessly campaign and fund crucial research for people living with hearing loss and tinnitus. It is of paramount importance that organisations around the world work together in a coordinated effort to support the development of treatments that have the potential to transform the lives of people.”

      Karine Rossignol, General Director of Fondation Pour l’ Audition said: “We believe in team work and are convinced we will accelerate the development of treatments by joining forces. This partnership, which is a real message of hope for people with hearing loss and tinnitus, marks the beginning of a long collaboration between the two organisations”.
      Fondation Pour l’Audition