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      Statement regarding the Queen's Speech

      We welcome the commitments made by the Government in respect of disability in the Queen’s Speech – creating a National Disability Strategy and getting an additional one million disabled people to work by 2027. Its creation presents a unique opportunity to transform attitudes to disability – not just across Government but across society as a whole.

      People living with hearing loss and deafness will know how extensive the barriers across society remain – we still don’t have equality when accessing goods and services, trying to get into and thrive in the workplace, or in the income and wealth we hold. The National Disability Strategy has to address these barriers across all components of society.

      It must be noted that disabled people are still woefully unrepresented in Government, Parliament and within senior positions across the media and business. We hope, therefore, that the Government’s commitment to working with disabled people in the development of this strategy is more than superficial. Disabled people should be given every opportunity to shape this strategy to reflect the needs they have and they changes the want in their daily lives.

      Action on Hearing Loss will work closely with the Government to develop the Strategy, but we will also scrutinise how they do this and harness the voice of our members in supporters to challenge the Government if they fall short.