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      Statement on NAO report on supporting disabled people to work

      28 March 2019
      The National Audit Office has launched a report called Supporting Disabled People to Work, assessing the DWP’s progress on improving opportunities for people with disabilities in the workplace.

      About the report, Action on Hearing Loss' Director of Policy and Campaigns Dr. Roger Wicks, said: "It’s disappointing to see in the National Audit Office’s report that the number of disabled people out of work has remained static for the past five years. The fact that 3.7 million people aren’t in work is an enormous waste of talent which also takes away people's independence.

      It's also concerning that two years into a ten-year period of the government's goal to have a million more people with disabilities in work, it has not yet developed a full implementation plan or completed robust impact evaluations of any existing programmes. This demonstrates a lack of real motivation on this issue.

      Significantly, this report comes out at a time when the Conservative Party Vice-Chair has indicated that the government has no plans to appoint a new Minister for Disabilities until the Brexit impasse is resolved. This post has already been vacant for two weeks and it is appalling that the needs and concerns of people with disabilities are so low on the government’s agenda.

      We urge the government to reconsider and ensure that it fulfils its own promises of helping people with disabilities get into and stay in work, regardless of how tumultuous the political context."