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      Outreach project set to help veterans manage their hearing loss and improve quality of life

      Leading UK charity, Action on Hearing Loss, will be launching a new Information Service to support veterans across Northern Ireland affected by deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

      The project is funded by the Ministry of Defence’s Aged Veteran’s Fund and will support older veterans with undiagnosed hearing loss and those who need support to manage their condition. It will provide hearing screening, information talks, and signpost to other services. The project will also support partners, carers and dependents of local veterans and will work closely with NHS Audiology Departments and other organisations.

      71% of people over 70 have a hearing loss in the UK, and The Royal British Legion estimates that over 300,000 ex-Service personnel live with the condition. Hearing loss is shown to affect quality of life, with communication barriers leading to people withdrawing from social situations and becoming isolated. To date, over 1500 people who have previously contacted Action on Hearing Loss have said that they have worked in the Armed Forces.

      Mark Ewing, Regional Outreach Worker for the Aged Veterans Project in Northern Ireland, said: “There is a significant need for support to help Veterans manage their hearing loss. We are here for anyone who has previously served in the Armed Forces who has hearing loss or tinnitus.”

      If you are an older Veteran suffering from a hearing loss or tinnitus and would like information on how to manage it, please contact Action on Hearing Loss to find out how we can support you. Call our Information Service on 028 9023 9619 (freephone) or 028 9024 9462 (textphone) or email


      Media Contact: Rebekah McKinstry, PR Officer 02890 239619

      Editor’s notes  

      1. Action on Hearing Loss is the UK’s largest charity taking action on hearing loss. We are working for a world where hearing loss, deafness or tinnitus do not limit or label people and where people value their hearing enough to look after it.
      2. The Aged Veterans Project is funded by the Ministry of Defence’s Aged Veteran’s Fund, funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds.
      3. The Royal British Legion’s report on hearing problems amongst service personnel and veterans (Lost Voices, 2014) estimated that over 300,000 ex-service personnel live with hearing loss.For further information about Action on Hearing Loss or to become a member, visit, contact the Action on Hearing Loss Information Service on 028 9023 9619 (freephone) or 028 9024 9462 (textphone) or email