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      One month reprieve for charity's hearing aid service in Dundee, thanks to generous local donor

      900 people with hearing loss across Dundee are expressing their gratitude to an anonymous donor who has saved a charity’s community-based hearing aid support service for another month, just days before its pending closure on Saturday (30 September).

      The generous donation from someone who uses Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s Tayside Hear to Help service means that many older people who use NHS hearing aids can continue to receive locally delivered support until the end of October.

      The charity has been painstakingly piecing together money from trusts and donations to keep Hear to Help going in Dundee throughout 2017, as well as running a campaign calling on Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership to make available £17,000 of funding to keep the service running for 12 months.

      Hear to Help volunteers are trained by NHS audiology to clean, re-tube and adjust hearing aids so that people can be supported in community venues or in their home. The service also provides information about a range of assistive equipment such as amplified phones, TV listeners and vibrating / flashing alarms, which can make everyday life easier for people with hearing loss.

      Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland said: “We have been overwhelmed by the backing for our Save Hear to Help campaign in Dundee and we are very grateful for the anonymous gift from someone who uses our service, which is enabling us to continue supporting people with hearing loss across the city until the end of October.

      “This generous donation and our campaign have given us the opportunity to now work with Dundee City’s Sensory Services Strategic Planning Group to fully inform Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership in October about how they can ensure people will continue to have their NHS hearing aids cleaned or re-tubed in all communities supported by Hear to Help.”

      For information about Hear to Help, telephone: 07388 227407 or email:



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      • Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is a charity which supports people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus to live the life they choose by campaigning for equality and developing technology and treatments.
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