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Fraud advice

We are aware that our supporters are often targeted by people trying to scam money and details

You could be contacted though social media or over the phone.

Please let us know if anyone suspicious contacts you, either by email, on social media or door-to-door solicitation, claiming to be from Action on Hearing Loss or RNID asking for your details.

Below is a list of the current scams we are aware of:

"Empowerment bonus allowance"

February 2016
A man named Kevin McCarthy ( using various other names as well) has been contacting people stating he is working with the government and Action on Hearing Loss to help people collect their ‘empowerment bonus allowance.’ He uses the email address and
This is a scam and is not from us. Please do not give any personal information nor money to this man. 

"Street collectors" 

December 2015
We have been informed that people are being approached in the Chelmsford area by street collectors who say they are from RNID.
This is a scam and these collectors are not our official fundraisers. For details of official collections, please see this page: 

'Win £250,000'

April 2014

Someone has been contacting people on Facebook claiming they may be entitled to a £250,000 cash prize from RNID. They are asking people to contact a man named Wayne Reynolds, who they falsely claim works for RNID, to get the prize, either via Facebook or using the email

This is a scam and is not from us. Please ignore these messages and do not give any personal information to these people.

'£300,000 prize money'

February 2014

A man named Monte Robert has been contacting people stating he is from RNID. He is asking people to send him £300 to release £300,000 prize money.

He offers to come to your house to collect the money.

This man can be quite aggressive and has been contacting people over the phone, via email and on Facebook. 

This is a scam and is not from us. Please do not give any personal information to this man.

‘Christmas bonus for deaf people’

December 2013

The scam invites you to claim a ‘Christmas bonus for deaf people’ of up to £350,000. It provides two email addresses to send your information to and claim your winning cash: or

This ‘bonus’ does not exist, it is a scam.

For more information

question mark and exclamation mark iconFraudulent emails and messages on social media which appear to have been sent from us are in constant circulation.

If you are concerned about any one contacting your claiming to be from Action on Hearing Loss or RNID, please let us know:

Phone: 0203 227 6182
Textphone: 0203 227 6185

Please also report scams and fraud to Action Fraud online at . You can also report any scams or fraud via the Action Fraud telephone number: 0300 123 20 40.

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