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Equipment and research

In this section you can read all about projects we are working on or have recently finished, how we work with others and how you can get involved.

iPhone hearing check

Action on Hearing Loss iPhone app screenshot.

Action on Hearing Loss's iPhone Hearing Check is a quick, simple and completely confidential way to check your hearing, without the trek to the doctor's waiting room. Check your ears today! Download the check for free from itunes (external link, opens new window).

Our check is scientifically verified and is the best method of checking your hearing without seeing a medical professional. We have helped nearly a million people check their hearing already. Lend us your ears and check them today(external link, opens new window).

Just enter the numbers with the keypad, after you hear them. After the test you'll get your results and advice.

You can also check your hearing using our free online hearing check.


The Hearing Check is designed to be the best method of checking for sensorineural hearing loss (due to age or noise exposure for instance) without seeing a medical professional. It will not pick up problems with your outer or middle ear (conductive hearing losses).