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Please install the Flash Plugin Remember when the telephone was the main way to communicate with someone from a distance? Not so long ago people who struggled to hear on the phone were cut off from many aspects of life. If you have hearing loss and you're over 30, you might recall having to arrange events by return of post – how times have changed!

Nowadays, text messages, email and instant messaging (to mention just a few) have transformed the way people communicate. But there is still a need for dedicated technology that meets the needs of people with hearing loss and tinnitus.This is where we come in. With many years of expertise and achievements behind us, we develop, test, produce and evaluate all kinds of new technology, often in collaboration with others and always by taking into account the views of potential users.

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Equipment and research

In this section you can read all about projects we are working on or have recently finished, how we work with others and how you can get involved.
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We design, develop and evaluate technology that has the potential to change the lives of people with hearing loss.
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