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Information for hearing service providers

If there are errors in the information about service providers what should I do?

We endeavour to hold the right service information. However, if any of your service details are incorrect or have changed, please send any amends to

Will the site be monitored and how will this be done?

The site will be monitored by some of our staff. Each rating is monitored and will be removed if it contains offensive language and/or personal details. We will also check the origin of any suspicious postings.

What measures have you put in place to avoid the site being misused with people posting bogus reviews?

We would expect hearing service providers to uphold the highest standards of professional practice and promote the site to their users. Nevertheless, to mitigate the risk of bogus reviews, all service reviewers will be expected to log in and register their details before being able to post a rating. Each rating will also be monitored as indicated above.

We fully expect to see both positive and negative ratings on the site, which we hope will drive up quality across hearing services. The best way that service providers can ensure that they are well represented on the site is to encourage their customers/service users to log on and describe their experience of the service they have received.

Is there an opportunity for service providers to respond to feedback on the site?

We hope that Locate and Rate will help to raise standards across hearing services and that service providers will monitor and use the site. Although we will not actively encourage providers to respond to individual postings (as we do not want this area of the site to become a message forum) they will have the opportunity to post a response, if they wish to do so. Service providers will need to log in and register in the same way as a service reviewer.

This site aims to empower people and improve services and we hope that the feedback it generates will be useful to service providers who wish to raise standards. We will be compiling regular reports, looking at trends etc., and intend to share key findings with the sector. We cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy of any individual post and will not investigate and take action on individual cases.

What can I if reviews show that my service needs to improve its accessibility for deaf or hard of hearing patients?

Action on Hearing Loss can provide training, consultancy and communication support to a huge range of organisations. We can help you understand how to make your service as accessible as possible to patients that are deaf or have a hearing loss, improving customer service and reducing complaints. You can see a great example here of how we're worked with the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend. To find out more about how we can help, email us at

Will service providers be alerted to reviews of their service?

We do not have an alert system on the site to automatically let you know when someone has reviewed your service. However service providers are able to set up these types of alerts themselves if they wish to do so.

How will this work with other complaints procedures such as BSHAAs customer care scheme and NHS complaints?

Locate and Rate is an additional resource for people to share experiences and does not substitute for existing channels such as the BSHAA (external link, opens in new window) customer care scheme and NHS complaints service (external link, opens in new window). Guidance on the site sets out how people can, if they wish, address any issues and complaints directly with the provider. Please see the guidance section for more information.

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