PhD students

We fund the PhDs of promising young students in well-respected laboratories around the UK to allow them to train as hearing researchers.

Find out what has motivated them and why they have decided to pursue research that will contribute to improving the lives of people who are deaf, hard of hearing or who have tinnitus.

PhD student Fansuo Geng with a tank of Zebra fish.

Preventing hearing loss

We’re funding PhD students to research how hearing loss can be prevented. Find out about their work and views on future research.
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PhD student John Allen.

Improving medical devices

We’re funding PhD students to improve medical devices to aid hearing. Find out about their projects and where they are studying.
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Thomas Tagoe, an Action on Hearing Loss funded researcher.

Silencing tinnitus

We’re funding PhD students to understand the causes of tinnitus. Find out what Action on Hearing Loss funding means to them.
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