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Biomedical research

Did you know that Action on Hearing Loss is driving world-leading biomedical research into hearing loss and tinnitus?

Dr Marcelo Rivolta in his laboratory at Sheffield University.

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We have merged

Action on Hearing Loss and Deafness Research UK have confirmed the two charities have merged. Find out more about the merger.

Our vision

Our vision is to find a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus, and to develop medicines to protect hearing and prevent tinnitus so that nobody needs to be isolated.

We’re funding research discoveries around the world and breaking down barriers to translate these discoveries into viable treatments and medicines. We’re also increasing the number of researchers in the field through our well-established grants schemes, and providing important support for companies wanting to develop medicines and treatments.

Find out how you can support our biomedical research programme and what difference you can make.

Joint highlight notice with the BBSRC - launch workshop

Joint highlight notice with the BBSRC

We're launching a highlight notice with the BBSRC, 'The Lifecourse of the Auditory System', to encourage high-quality applications in hearing research. A launch workshop for the scheme takes place in December.
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Biomedical research strategy - researcher working in a laboratory.

Our biomedical research strategy

Our vision is to find a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus, and to find medicines to protect hearing and prevent tinnitus, so that nobody needs to be isolated.
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Projects and research - a researcher using a microscope.

Projects and research

Find out about our current projects and what our researchers and PhD students are working on.
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Researchers and PhD Students - a PhD student working in a laboratory.

Apply for research grants

Are you looking for funding to carry out research into hearing loss or tinnitus? We offer a number of research grants for students and researchers.
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Cure for hearing loss fundraising appeal - Dr Marcelo Rivolta of Sheffield University carrying out work on stem cells to regenerate hearing.

Supporting biomedical research

Help us find a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus. There are 10 million people in the UK who have some level of hearing loss and right now, there are no cures.
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Dr Denise Goldman of Action on Hearing Loss speaking at the TRIH (Translational Research Initiative for Hearing) summit at the BT Tower on 29 March, 2012.


TRIH is our initiative to provide the support needed to develop promising discoveries to a point where they can attract the follow-on funding needed to progress to clinical trials.
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