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      Volunteer Community Change Agent - Poynton, Cheshire

      Can you make a real difference to your community by raising awareness of deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus?

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      As Poynton’s Deaf Awareness Community Champion, you will have the following responsibilities:

      • School engagement: you will develop a relationship with all the local schools, delivering workshops to school groups about the importance of looking after your hearing and running fundraising/awareness activities with them.
      • Local business engagement: you will deliver awareness workshops to businesses in Poynton to educate staff about ways to communicate effectively with people who are deaf or have hearing loss, share information about improving accessibility, and encourage staff to sign a pledge to be Active Listeners.
      • Events management: you will plan and host local fundraising and awareness events with full support from Action on Hearing Loss staff.
      • Poster campaign: you will ask key organisations in Poynton to put our awareness-raising posters on their notice boards and share them on their social media platforms.
      • Monthly status reports: you will provide these to both the Action on Hearing Loss Community Fundraising Manager and the Poynton Area Community Partnership.


      Poynton, East Cheshire.


      We expect this role to involve 5-10 hours a week. There is a great deal of flexibility and we can discuss your requirements at the interview stage.

      What skills do you need?

      We are looking for: 

      • a proactive, organised and dedicated individual who has a keen interest and dedication to the cause.
      • a confident and engaging public speaker who is a great relationship builder.
      It is desirable, but not essential that you:
      • have experience in a community engagement role, public relations or charity work.
      • have a good understanding of social media and technology and/or experience with marketing.

      Why do we need you?

      Hearing loss is a life-changing condition that affects people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is an invisible problem that can have a devastating effect on relationships, education, and job prospects.

      • Hearing loss is linked to isolation, depression, and cognitive decline.
      • People who are deaf or have hearing loss are more likely to be unemployed, denied opportunities at work or forced into early retirement.
      • Hearing loss can make the risk of developing dementia between two and five times more likely.

      East Cheshire is a county with a higher number of older residents. Statistically, older people are more likely to have hearing loss, so a significant proportion of people who live and work in Poynton will be affected by these issues.

      We also have many young people in our community who are at risk of developing noise-related hearing loss because they are exposed to loud music and other loud noise. It is important that these young people are given the information and tools to be able to protect themselves from developing hearing loss or tinnitus at a young age.

      The Community Change Agent is needed to improve public awareness about these issues which will lead to greater understanding, empathy and awareness in Poynton about deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus. We hope that through awareness we can improve the lives of people within our community.

      What support will you get?

      We value your time and commitment and want to make sure you enjoy volunteering with us. We will offer full training and support, but please be aware that you may be managed from a distance as the Senior Community Fundraising Manager is based in Bristol and will only be able to make occasional trips to the North West.

      In a recent survey, 92% of our volunteers would recommend Action on Hearing Loss as a good place to volunteer!

      What training is offered?

      Action on Hearing Loss offers full, on-going training for all volunteers including an induction programme and further training specific to the volunteering role. This may include:

      • Events Management Course (this can lead to a level 2 accreditation in Events Management upon successful completion of an event that raises £500 or above).
      • Training in Understanding Hearing Loss.
      • The opportunity to attend other training relevant to their role.

      What will you gain?

      Our volunteers receive the following benefits:

      • Training – learning new skills, and gaining up-to-date knowledge of issues affecting people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss.
      • Experience – meeting new people in different situations, building new friendships with other Action on Hearing Loss volunteers.
      • Fulfilment– knowing that the time you provide will make a real difference to the people we support, and raising deaf awareness throughout society as a whole.
      • Expenses – all reasonable expenses incurred as a result of your volunteering will be reimbursed according to the Action on Hearing Loss expenses policy.
      • Opportunity to try other volunteering roles locally with Action on Hearing if available.


      You may need to be able to travel locally, whether by car or public transport. All reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed, according to the Action on Hearing Loss Travel and Subsistence Policy.

      What next?

      Thanks for taking the time to read these details. Ready to apply for this role? Excellent!

      Please complete our online application form or, if you are interested and would like an informal chat, please get in touch with us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

      Call: 01273 840960

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