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      For your free tinnitus guide call 0800 035 5643, or text CURE to 83023 and we’ll call you to arrange delivery.

      When you do, we'll give you the option to find out how, with your help, we can reach a cure faster.

      Over 6 million people – that’s one in 10 of us – live with incessant buzzing, ringing, whistling or banging in the ears, and for many people the noise doesn’t stop. Tinnitus can have a huge impact on some people's lives, both at work and at home.

       If you suffer with tinnitus, you can find out how you could take control with our free tinnitus guide. The booklet will give you practical tips and facts about how to manage your tinnitus and ways to help you cope. All our booklets are free and include information on how you can get further help with managing your symptoms. 

      Did you know that before 2000, very little was known about which parts of the hearing system were involved in tinnitus? Thankfully, today the picture is very different, largely thanks to the public helping us fund vital research. Right now, more than 15 medications to treat tinnitus and hearing loss are in clinical trials. With so many being tested we believe that the first treatments could truly be within our reach.

      We’ve never been closer to a cure. Can you help us get there sooner by helping fund the life-changing research that can silence tinnitus, once and for all?

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      Donate now

      Donate now

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      £10 could help pay for two calls to our Information Line from someone worried about their tinnitus which is crucial for many people who feel they have nowhere to turn to.

      £20 could help pay for a participant to take part in studies to develop ways to measure tinnitus, leading to better testing of potential treatments.

      £30 could pay for two hours of microscope use to study how blood flow to the inner ear is important for hearing.

      £60 could pay for half a day’s research into treatments and cures to bring the joy of sound to thousands of people.

      Your donation today could change lives by funding research into much-needed treatments and cures, and by providing emotional and practical support so no one affected by hearing loss need feel alone.

      For safety we only allow donations of up to £25,000 online. Please call us to complete your donation. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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