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      Responsible fundraising

      We're incredibly grateful to all our wonderful supporters who make our work possible. We always abide by our supporter promise and are committed to treating everyone with respect.

      Our supporter promise

      We value you, our supporters, so much. Without you, the world would be a very different place for those confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss. We’ll keep your personal information safe and won’t share it with other organisations. We’ll communicate with you in the way you choose and we’ll always treat you with respect. If you have concerns, or would like to change how you hear from us, you can contact us on 033 3320 6995 or We’ll listen and act on your wishes.

      Our commitment to best practice

      We're committed to good practice across all our fundraising activities. We're registered with the Fundraising Regulator and abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice. This means that we actively ensure our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful.

      Listening to you and acting on your wishes

      If you ever have concerns about our fundraising, or would like to change how you hear from us, you can contact Our Supporter Care team on 033 3320 6995 (telephone), 020 7296 8246 (textphone) or email

      Find out how you can protect yourself from fraud when you donate to Action on Hearing Loss.

      Find out where our fundraisers will be talking about our work.

      Donating through text terms and condition.

      Why do Action on Hearing Loss contact me by phone?

      Telephone fundraising allows us to communicate with you in a personal and friendly way – and is a great way for us tell you about our work. When you receive a call from Action on Hearing Loss, we want to ensure you are receiving the best possible experience, which is why we work with professional telephone fundraising agencies who make calls on our behalf. Every call made by our third party fundraising agencies are recorded too, which allows us to monitor calls to ensure they meet our high standards and that you are not being pressured into supporting us.

      We will only ever call you if you’ve given us your permission to do so and at the end of every call, you should always be asked to reconfirm how you’d prefer to hear from us in the future.

      At the start of any call you will always be told you are being contacted on Action on Hearing Loss’s behalf and you’ll only be asked to proceed with the call if you are happy for the call to be recorded. Our fundraisers should also tell you that they are being paid a small fee to make calls on our behalf.
      It’s our intention that every fundraiser making calls for Action on Hearing Loss is knowledgeable about our work, polite, courteous and able to provide contact details for you to confirm that the call is genuine.

      You should only receive calls from UK landline numbers and when returning a call to these numbers, you should be greeted with a recorded message informing you that the call was made on behalf of Action on Hearing Loss. During this message you’ll also be given the opportunity to request that no more calls are made to your number.

      If you’re concerned about a call that you have received, please let us know by calling 0333 320 6995 or by emailing

      What numbers are Action on Hearing Loss using to make calls to me?

      Currently calls are being made using the following number:

      01746 866 194

      If you receive a call from this number and would prefer not to receive any future calls from us, please redial the number you were contacted from and enter your phone number when prompted to do so.

      Discover the real-life stories of some of the people we help, as well as our staff, volunteers, members and supporters.