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      How your gift changes lives

      From helping to provide essential support services, to campaigning to create a fairer world for people with hearing loss, to driving forward research, your gift will change lives.

      All our life-changing research is paid for by your donations - there is no government funding. Cures and treatments can be found. But as the only UK charity dedicated to hearing research, if we don’t fund it, then no one will.

      Who your gift helps

      Donations have allowed our innovative scientists to make many ground-breaking discoveries. This includes helping to develop the world’s first cochlear implant.

      Janet’s life was turned around by her cochlear implant.

      “Deafness is extremely isolating. I missed out on so much conversation with my three children before my cochlear implant was fitted. Without the research funded by Action on Hearing Loss, I would still be isolated and missing out on these conversations.”

      Donations help people to get vital support close to home.


       Andrew tells us why his Hear to Help service in Powys, Wales, means so much:

      “I feel like I’m too young for hearing aids but I do need them because I’ve got a young family and I want to be able to hear everything that’s going on. The localness of it is absolutely crucial, so I can see some really helpful people and go away with what I need to keep me going.”

      Where your money goes


      • £11.88 could cover the cost of two calls to our Information Line, helping people to access help and practical support so they can regain confidence.
      • £50 could help pay for a Hear to Meet befriending session where people with hearing loss can meet others in the same situation.
      • £100 could pay for a day’s research into treatments and cures, bringing the joys of sound back to thousands of people
      • £500 could be used to pay for computer equipment to help children who use cochlear implants to hear the world around them better.
      For every £1 donated, 92p goes directly to help people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss

      Discover the real-life stories of some of the people we help, as well as our staff, volunteers, members and supporters.

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