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      Make hearing loss a priority

      We know that the biggest barrier people with hearing loss face in the workplace is employer attitudes. You can help to change this.

      Deafness and hearing loss don’t limit anyone’s capacity for excellence. Yet more than a third of the employers we surveyed don’t feel confident about employing someone with hearing loss, and nearly two-fifths don’t feel well-equipped to enable staff with hearing loss to stay productive in the workplace. As a result, too many people with hearing loss are being left out, and left behind at work.

      Our Working for Change campaign aims to change attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace by confronting them head on. Major employers, such as EY, RBS and HMRC, are now making supporting staff with hearing loss a priority, and we can support you to do the same.

      Around 12 in every 100 people of working age in the UK have hearing loss – that's a talent pool of around 5 million people. So not only is supporting employees with hearing loss the right thing to do, it makes business sense.

      Start making the change

      Visit our Employers’ Hub for information and practical guidance that will give you the confidence to recruit and support employees who are deaf or have hearing loss.

      Visit the Employers' Hub

      Free Employers' toolkit

      Our toolkit contains a handy guide for employers, plus a selection of posters, to help you create a more inclusive workplace for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

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      When Laura suddenly lost her hearing, she worried about returning to work. Here, Laura and her manager explain how some simple adjustments have enabled her to continue to perform at her best.

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      Are you a Workplace Warrior or a Talent Hawk? Take our quiz to test your knowledge about hearing loss and how to support employees or colleagues who are affected.

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      Our new Employers’ Hub contains information, practical guidance and best practice to help your organisation attract, recruit and retain employees who are deaf or have hearing loss. 

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