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      Hands off our hearing aids

      Hearing aids are a lifeline to people with hearing loss and have been available on the NHS since 1948. They're highly cost-effective and have very clear clinical benefits for the people who wear them. In fact, they're accepted to be the only viable treatment for people with adult-onset hearing loss.

      That's why we've been extremely concerned by proposals made by a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) since 2014 to make cuts to the provision of hearing aids – and why we're campaigning hard to prevent this.

      Most CCGs have decided against cutting hearing aids after listening to feedback from the public and experts, but one CCG has stopped providing hearing aids for many people who need them.

      It's so important for people with hearing loss to have access to hearing aids on the NHS. If they're not available, people with hearing loss will be forced to use expensive private providers.

      We've challenged cuts proposed by a number of England’s Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and continue to fight the one CCG, North Staffordshire, that isn’t providing NHS hearing aids to all those people with hearing loss who need them.

      Read what people with hearing loss have to say about how important to them their hearing aids are.