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Factsheets and leaflets

Are you looking for reliable information on all aspects of deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus? You’ll find just that in our free factsheets and leaflets.

Our leaflets give an overview of a subject while factsheets offer a bit more detail.

Read them all here, or order copies from our Information Line – let us know if you need large print, Braille or audio versions.

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Person using a calculator.


Find out about the different benefits and services you may be entitled to if you are deaf.
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Woman signing with a deaf man, both are sitting down inside a coffee shop.


Find out about communication support for people with hearing loss, including sign language, notetakers and lipreading.
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A woman stands at a reception counter adjusting her hearing aid. The reception counter is staffed and has a hearing induction loop on display.

Deaf awareness

Find out more about being deafblind, how to support people with hearing loss and the latest facts and figures.
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A medical professional helps to fit a patient's hearing aid.

Ears and ear health

Our factsheets will help you to understand a range of hearing-related medical conditions and procedures. You can also find out how to look after your hearing and what to do when flying.
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Woman stands in front of other people testing equipment. The woman wears listening loop.


There is equipment available to make life easier for people with all levels of hearing loss, ranging from smoke alarms to videophones.
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A woman cleans the tubing of a hearing aid

Hearing aids

Find out all about getting and looking after different types of hearing aid.
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Learn more about tinnitus and the drugs, therapies and self-help techniques that may help manage the symptoms.
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Man is speaking with a colleague and laughing. Another woman looks left out of the conversation.

Your rights

Find out more about your rights under the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act if you are deaf.
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