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T374 Screenphone

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4 out of 5
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Suitable for up to profound hearing loss Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

ScreenPhone is ideal for people who want to voice their call but can no longer hear the response and find textphones too complicated. The phone can also be used like an amplified phone and like a standard phone.

ScreenPhone is ideal for people who want to voice their call but can no longer hear the response and find textphones too fiddly.

You can speak your part of the call as usual but at the press of a button you can receive your caller's conversation back in words on a screen (using a telephone call to a Text Relay operator).

The ScreenPhone can also be used like an amplified phone and like a standard phone.

Take a look at this video which gives you a thorough tour of the Screenphone amplified telephone and textphone

If you purchase the keyboard accessory you can also type your message direct to your caller if you are unable to speak on the phone.

It's also hearing aid compatible so if you switch your hearing aid to T then you can cut out any background noise, making conversations even clearer.

The appearance and functions are similar to a standard amplified phone but with a much larger screen and text that can be increased in size to make it easy to read.

Answerphone messages can also be replayed on the display in text.

To use the text on screen option - dial the number you want with 18001 before it, or get the person calling you to dial 18002 before your number. You will connect with a Text Relay operator who will relay the incoming caller's voice into text for you to read on the screen. Simply press the 'V/T' button whenever you want to speak and press it again when you want to read their reply.

The beauty of this product is that it's flexible enough to suit everyone's needs. This makes it perfect for mixed hearing households.

  • Maximum handset volume of 112dB
  • Maximum ringer volume of 77dB
  • Adjustable text size on screen up to 12mm
  • One touch text and voice switching
  • Flashing strobe light for incoming calls
  • Adjustable ringer volume
  • Adjustable receiving tone control
  • Text answerphone for receiving messages
  • Needs an analogue line – cannot operate on digital lines/sockets
  • 50 number phonebook
  • REN value = 1


Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: 190 x 190 x 210mm
Weight: None

Functional Specification:

  • Textphones
    • Incoming Voice Volume control - no
    • Inductive coupler - no
    • Text answerphone - yes
    • Conversation memory - no
    • Printer - no
    • Voice Call Over (VCO) - yes
    • Hearing Call Over (HCO) - yes
    • Incoming call indicator - Flashing light
    • Acoustic Couplers - no
    • Outgoing call status - Yes
    • Telephone Directory - 50


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Unfortunately you will need to pick up the handset.

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When phoning your bank or placing a mail order with a credit/debit card is it absolutely safe to give passwords and account numbers etc using the Typetalk operator.

This would be absolutely safe to do so as all the operators will need to go through a confidentiality procedure. For more information regarding this issue then please visit the website

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does it have speakerphone so you dont have to hold the handset and could use a communication aid to speak your part?

No sorry voice transfer is just through the handset.

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Can this product be used on a PABX? The prefix buttons 18XXX would not work unless prefixed by 9 for an outside line.

Yes it can providing you have the latest model which has the facility of being able to obtain an outside line first for such situations you have just described.

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Will the message left on answer machine come out in text?

As long as the message is received through the Typetalk operator, then the message will be shown on the screen for you to read in text.

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When the phone rings does it indicate whether it is a Typetalk or a conventional in-coming call?

You will be able to tell whether it is a conventional call or a typetalk call when the V/T key is pressed after the handset is first picked and text is displayed on the screen informing you of a call from Typetalk.

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Can the ScreenPhone be linked into a pager system to alert the user that their phone is ringing?

No problem, simply plug the ScreenPhone into your existing telephone socket and your pager will be alerted in the usual way.

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Can this phone be used to make international calls to Australia and receive international calls?

Yes, you can make international calls with the ScreenPhone by simply placing the 18001 prefix before the international number.

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How do incoming calls operate?

Incoming calls to the ScreenPhone would be made through your caller dialling 18002 prefixing your own telephone number, you would then receive the text from your caller on the Screen for you to read and then reply to the call via the V/T button.


4 out of 5
 The screen display

Posted by Norman, ABBOTS LANGLEY on 15 January 2013

I've had this phone for many years and it has been a godsend. It has just given up so I must order a replacement. My one problem with the previous model was the definition of the wording i.e. grey/black wording on a green screen. My display was at maximum clarity but I had to place the phone in a dark area of the room to see the display easily. PS My sight is OK

3 out of 5

Posted by Miss W Shepherd, Swaffham on 10 January 2013

Very acceptable typing. Some problems with the wait to connect. Some receivers put phone down on contact. Not all other functions mastered yet.

4 out of 5
 cost of calls

Posted by Denise, HULL on 20 October 2012

Hello I am thinking of obtaining a screenphone but I am worried about the cost of the calls. Can anyone help me please?

ACTION ON HEARING LOSS RESPONSE: The costs for using a Screenphone are the same as using any other phone. So please check with youR provider to see how much. BT offer rebates on calls using text relay as they can take longer. See here for more information

It may be worth looking into your call package as free call packages are available along with the line rental.

4 out of 5
 Screen Phone

Posted by Norman, ABBOTS LANGLEY on 15 October 2012

I have used this for several years and it is a life saver for someone on their own as I can now discuss things like insurance that require Q and A from both sides. A straight forward short message can be dealt with by amplifying the call. Two things on the negative side The original name Type/Talk was descriptive now people seem to think that Screenphone means I can see them The other problem is not knowing if it is a direct call or via the text relay operator. The recorded message telling people to dial a prefix of 18002 could be louder. However I wouldn't be without this phone

3 out of 5
 mrs partner

Posted by Annette on 23 August 2012

I bought this product some time ago the down sides to this product is people putting the phone down on you and thinking its a cold call the other is when text direct are very busy and your unable to use the service and i dont have many deaf friends as i was born hearin went deaf21yrs old

5 out of 5

Posted by Doreen Davey on 07 August 2012

They are a wonderful advancement for deafened people & as I have said before I will always be in debt to those who thought out the idea & had or have anything to do with it.
It is a wonderful product & how miraculously it changes everything in your life. The closed doors are open now, no one can ask for more.
Bless you all for all your hard work, I will always be indebted to you. Thank you so much for your kindness & understanding.

3 out of 5
 Fantastic phone but No after service.

Posted by John on 11 July 2012

This is a fantastic phone, which I have had for 18 months, working via BT the service is wonderful. Alas, The downside, my phone went wrong,now no longer the RNID I contacted them under their new name and was told if its that old its not worth repairing, we can not help you. I am 76 and very dissapointed. I do not have another £200 odd to waste for just around 18/24 months. The product is 100% but the after service is nil.

4 out of 5

Posted by ian on 19 January 2012

outstanding phone wonderfull operator service

5 out of 5

Posted by Betty Garner

Makes it possible to have telephone communication so that I am not cut off from chats with friends or family. Removes the dread from trying to make business calls. Need time to adapt to it and also for the people at the other end.

5 out of 5

Posted by Dawn, Bideford

Wonderful invention! This is my second - one for upstairs and one for down. With email my lifeline being almost totally deaf. Highly recommended and excellent service from operators.

4 out of 5

Posted by Doreen, Newcastle upon Tyne

have only had the machine 2 weeks & I think it will be a great benefit for me as I am severely deaf & old (86 years). The only thing I miss, hearing the voice but I feel more independent that I can do phone calls myself.

4 out of 5

Posted by L R, Thornbury

Simple to use. Buttons very large.

5 out of 5

Posted by Miss E Brunton

I'm writing to let you know how much benefit I am getting from my Screenphone that I bought in August this year. Being profoundly deaf I always had to call on my neighbour to do important phone calls. Now I am completely independent! I wouldn't be without it. I wish I had known about it years ago.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mr C Payne

A great help to me being registered deaf and to my wife who has had four strokes. Excellent service thank you

5 out of 5

Posted by Mr M B, Bulwell

It's excellent although I wasn't getting it right at first. Now I know how to use it it's great.

4 out of 5

Posted by Mrs Fisken

Brilliant! Quite large though and would like to know when it is an incoming text call rather than voice call for another member of the household.

4 out of 5

Posted by Ron, Lisburn

I have found it increasingly difficult to distinguish words on incoming telephone calls and live alone with no-one to help. I purcahsed recently a Screenphone which has solved my problem. I can read the incoming messages and there is not the delay I had a

0 out of 5

Posted by Tiernan, Tremadog

Phone is very useful but the operators put some people off using the phone due to not understanding peoples' accents Dialects also speaking is bad and when they change operators you can loose your content.

5 out of 5

Posted by Trevor, Bottesford

Everything about this new phone is superior to my old Uniphone 1150. Screensize, tone, volume controls, quick dial and answerphone, all so much easier to access and use. Fabulous, thankyou.

4 out of 5

Posted by Victor, Paignton

Userguide and quick guide very easy to understand. A great help.

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