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B1560A Replacement battery for B1560 Wrist Receiver

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3 out of 5
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Product Description

Replacement battery for B1560 wrist receiver VA27700

Replacement battery for B1560 wrist receiver.

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  • Accessories
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1 out of 5

Posted by Clare, EDINBURGH on 05 July 2013

OK, didn't notice that 4 stars had already been filled in on my behalf. Obviously not what I wanted to give them! Other sites advertise from 400-500 cycles or claims as wild as 6 years life. I've not had 100 cycles out of mine yet.

4 out of 5
 I wish!

Posted by Clare, EDINBURGH on 05 July 2013

Seriously, complaining about 18 months? I'm at 6 months, and they claim no warranty on them. Wow.

4 out of 5
 battery life

Posted by Geoff, ASHFORD on 27 September 2012

lasts for 18 months at best before needing replacement

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