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      We want to make you aware of the latest equipment that’s changing the lives of people confronting deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus. With over 450 practical products to choose from, we have everything that you, and your loved ones, need to live life to the full. And each purchase helps fund our vital work.

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      Save 15% on the AmpliPower 50 amplified phone

      Are you frustrated about missing phone calls? Is it getting increasingly difficult to chat with friends and family on the phone? The AmpliPower 50 phone will put the joy back into staying in touch and make conversation a two-way pleasure again.

      Never miss another call

      The amplified ringer (up to 80dB) and flashing strobe light will ensure you never miss another call. Its extra-loud volume and sound clarity make the AmpliPower 50 perfect for people with up to a severe level of hearing loss.

      No more dialling the wrong number

      Are you fed up with misdialling because the phone buttons are too fiddly? The AmpliPower 50 has large, bold buttons and 12 speed-dial options.

      Block out background noise

      The phone is hearing aid compatible, so you can listen to calls directly through your hearing aid and block out unwanted background noise.

      Catch every word of the conversation

      Use the tone control function to adjust the bass and treble of the caller’s voice. If you find it difficult to hear people with a high-pitched voice, you can use this feature to deepen their tone.

      Keep your hands free while you talk

      The hands-free option enables you to listen and speak without holding the handset, so you can write or type more easily while on the phone.

      Special offer - Now only £84.99 (inc VAT)

      Special offer ends on 31 March 2018 at midnight.

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