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Winter offers - buy now!

When you've got a hearing loss, keeping in touch with your loved ones can be a real headache. Even a quick catch-up can be frustrating, and it's easy to miss the important bits completely. The holiday period is over, and if you noticed that you or anyone else had any difficulty keeping up with the holiday chatter, now is the time to take action.

That's why we've lovingly selected this excellent range of telephones and listening devices to help you keep up with all the latest news, TV and gossip.

L383 Bellman Domino Pro - £100 off!

Domino Pro

A powerful all-encompassing listening solution for almost any situation. It’s perfect for one-to-one conversations, group discussions conferences, tour guides and whenever else you may need help following a conversation. It’s particularly good for noisy environments as the digital sound technology helps to block out background noise and make difficult sounds clearer. You can use it all around the world, and confidentiality is guaranteed too with the encrypted transmission.

T509 Geemarc Amplidect 400 - £16 off!

Amplidect 400The Amplidect 400 is a top-of-the-range cordless telephone with Bluetooth handsfree technology for wireless conversation through compatible hearing aids. The keypad can be locked whilst using the handsfree function. Comes with five one-touch memory buttons, an out-of-range beep warning and the ability to set unique rings for 10 phone numbers.

T485 Amplicomms PowerTel 980 combo - £20 off!

PowerTel 980A complete telephone system that combines the flexibility of a cordless phone with voicemail and the added security offered by a corded telephone. The PowerTel 980 system also comes with a vibrating wrist receiver that can alert you to incoming phone calls, perfect for when you’re going out of earshot or not wearing your hearing aids. The wrist receiver also has an emergency SOS button, which dials up to three pre-set numbers one at a time until someone answers.

M498 Amplicomms HS1200 headphones  - £15 off!

HS-12ooComfortable wireless headphones that offer a long 30m range that even works through walls. The HS1200 headphones have closed ear cups to stop sound leaking and disturbing others, and the sound enhancement and balance control features allow you to change the sound to suit your needs. You can also use the mono setting to send all sound to your “good” ear.

L343 Conversor Pro - £100 off!

Conversor ProA very effective listener that can help you hear conversations and the TV more clearly at a remarkable price. The Conversor Pro can be used in group or one-to-one conversations as you can switch seamlessly between directional and omni-directional microphone pickup. Additional features include a boost button for an instant volume increase, a TV/Audio device connection kit and a headphone socket on the neckloop to use it with headphones.

T469 Amplicomms PowerTel 30 - Over 10% off!

PowerTel 30A great value, low cost telephone with amplification suitable for those with a moderate hearing loss. The PowerTel 30 has all the essential features that will easily cover most users’ needs. Features include tone control, a screen for Caller ID, hands-free speakerphone and two direct dial memories.

T507 Doro Magna 4000


The Magna 4000 is our loudest corded telephone, and comes with a very powerful 60dB boost button. It has an elegant design with a flashing and audible ringer, and easy to use buttons to make it accessible for everyone. Doro have kindly agreed to make a £5 donation to Action on Hearing Loss for every product sold until the 31st of March 2015.

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