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      Products and technology to help with profound deafness

      Trying to communicate in a hearing world as a profoundly deaf person can be extremely challenging. A lack of deaf awareness and technology to help bridge the barrier between hearing and non-hearing people can make even the day to day tasks impossible. This section has some devices and systems which you may find helps ease some the difficulties you are having while using a phone, watching the TV, going out and when at work or at school as well as devices to ensure your safety when at home and away.
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      A textphone (sometimes called a minicom) allows you to communicate by text over a telephone line. It will suit you if your hearing loss or speech impairment makes using a telephone difficult.

      Don't wait until there's an emergency to register to be able to contact the emergency services by text...

      These days there are plenty of affordable products that alert you to sounds and 'events' around the home – from something catching fire, to a visitor at the door – with flashing lights and vibrating alerts.

      Without doubt, people with hearing loss have much better access to TV than in the past – and we're determined to make sure it continues to improve. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your TV viewing, using accessibility features such as subtitles and sign interpretation.

      If you have hearing loss, you'll know that trying to enjoy leisure activities outside the home can be challenging and frustrating. Although some venues go to great lengths to be as accessible as possible, too many lag behind. Look out for these devices that can make all the difference.

      When you have a profound hearing loss, it can be a real struggle to fulfil your potential at work, school or college. If you're a sign language user, there's no real substitute for a translator. But, where this isn't available, some of these technologies can help.

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