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      Products and technology to help with hearing loss

      Hearing aids can be a lifeline if you're struggling to hear. But, in more challenging and noisy environments, you may benefit from assistive devices.
      Catalogue 2019

      If you are deaf or have hearing loss, there's a range of gadgets and text message services that will help you stay safe at home – and on the go.

      There are many products that alert you to different sounds and 'events' around the home. We're talking about super-loud and vibrating alarm clocks, flashing doorbells, special baby monitors and, of course, the latest in smoke alarms...

      If you use hearing aids, music and live entertainment can be very difficult to appreciate, and TV sound can be difficult to hear. That's why assistive devices and services to support audio information are vital.

      Using a home phone can be a challenge for people with hearing loss. But there are products that can make calls on your landline louder and clearer – whether you already have a home telephone, or you're buying a new one.

      Mobiles and smartphones can be challenging when you have hearing loss. You can't make the most of useful visual clues such as lip reading and the quality of the sound being transmitted is often quite poor. But you shouldn't avoid using them – there are lots of devices and features that can help.

      When you're at work, having a one-to-one conversation, listening and taking part in meetings, and talking on the phone can be very challenging if you're confronting deafness or hearing loss. If you feel you are missing out, here are some products that may help.

      Schools, colleges and universities can be challenging if you have hearing loss. Many areas are extremely noisy, with lots of people talking in large rooms. But, if you do need more than hearing aids to get the most out of your education, there's lots of assistive technology that can help.

      Trying to communicate in noisy places, from shops to restaurants to airports, can be very difficult if you have hearing loss. We don't want you to miss out on key information – or cracking conversations, so here's the lowdown on products that can help when you're out and about.

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