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      How hearing aids work with other technologies

      Hearing aids are pretty wonderful, however in more challenging environments, they alone can't always manage. Hearing aid assistive devices can make all the difference as well as trying out a host of new experiences.

      Have you ever found that you're happy with your hearing aids in most environments, but not all?

      This is where hearing aid assistive devices come in. The right device, paired with your hearing aids, can make that 'difficult' listening environment a whole lot easier. They're particularly helpful in situations that are probably all too familiar: where the sound you'd like to hear is very different to what others want, the classic example being watching television with your family. You might be after something a little louder...

      Assistive devices for your TV, called TV Listeners, allow you to hear the sound as you want to hear it without affecting others. So you can all enjoy watching the same show together, in peace.

      Assistive devices work by improving the 'signal to noise (SNR) ratio'. This is a number which describes how much noise and how much speech is being heard at the same time. The more noise there is, the less speech is heard. An assistive device enables you to hear the speech more clearly over the noise by picking up the speech directly at the source and transmitting this into your hearing aids.

      Other assistive devices you may find useful include hearing loop systems which are available in most public buildings. These allow you to hear the person speaking straight into your hearing aids when you set them to the 'T' setting. Remote microphones, FM systems and Bluetooth streamers also channel speech direct into your hearing aids from the sound source. By reducing the distance and the noise being picked up, speech sounds clearer.

      Most people find it takes around a month before they start to get the most out of their hearing aids, but it can take longer.

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