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      Whether you're confronting hearing loss, deafness or tinnitus, the right products and technology can be vital to helping you stay independent and continuing to enjoy doing the things you want to do (as well as having new experiences!)

      Hearing aids can help you hear the sounds you've been missing and, in more challenging environments, other products and technology can make a big difference too. There are products and technologies to help you when you're out, when you're at home or when you're at work or at school.

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      Hearing aids can be a lifeline if you're struggling to hear. But, in more challenging and noisy environments, you may benefit from assistive devices.

      Find some devices and systems which may help ease some of the difficulties you are having while using a phone, watching the TV, going out, when at work or at school as well as devices to ensure your safety when at home and away.

      There are many products and apps designed to help you manage tinnitus with relaxing sound therapy.

      Hearing aids are pretty wonderful, however in more challenging environments, they alone can't always manage. Hearing aid assistive devices can make all the difference as well as trying out a host of new experiences.

      In the 21st century, online communication has become almost universal. For people with hearing loss, the benefits are huge; with the right technology (and a bit of practice) you'll find it easy to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world – and establish new relationships.

      Phone, tablet and computer apps for people with hearing loss and tinnitus.

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