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      Sheena Lee's story

      Sheena's adult-onset deafness made everyday life difficult until she discovered products and equipment to help. Read about Sheena's finds here.

      I have some excellent products that have made life since developing adult-onset deafness a lot easier. I bought a vibrating travel alarm clock after I stayed in a B&B and was woken by the red-faced owner – my traditional alarm clock had failed to wake me for an early ferry… but had woken up other guests! My new alarm clock wakes me with earthquake-like tremors, while other guests sleep on peacefully.

      Another asset is an amplified smartphone, which allows me to hear the caller’s voice clearly. I also bought an amplified home telephone for my mother who has adult-onset deafness too. My father used to deal with phone calls, but after he passed away she struggled. She can now make calls, and feels independent and confident. For the first time in years, we’re able to catch up over the phone – it’s wonderful.

      Sheena lee