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      We run social groups for people affected by hearing loss who want to meet others, share experiences and have some fun.

      Not everyone realises the impact that losing your hearing can have on your social life. How simple pleasures, like going out for dinner or catching up with friends, become so much harder to enjoy when you can’t follow conversations because of background noise or too many people talking at once. It can be exhausting – and isolating.

      At our Hear to Meet social gatherings, everyone understands, because they have hearing loss themselves or are close to someone who does. We bring people together in their local communities to share experiences and tips – and have some fun. This could be a natter over coffee and cake, a trip down the canal on a barge, or a one-to-one home visit for people who aren't as mobile. Sometimes, we can arrange transport to make it easier for people to join us.

      What I like most about the group is being able to hear all that is said. Every month we have a different venue, speakers, games, quizzes, chair exercises and discussions on current affairs. The team work well together so we all enjoy every meeting.
      Hear to Meet Outcomes Survey, 2016

      At our socials, nobody feels left out because of their hearing loss – everyone's part of the conversation.

      Contact our Information Line to find a social group near you.

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