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      Products to improve communication in the classroom for pupils with deafness and hearing loss

      Teaching styles and learning methods are becoming more interactive, so assistive technology products can greatly improve communication in the classroom.

      Assistive technology products

      Assistive technology products make learning fully accessible to children with hearing loss, who need clear access to voices in order to fulfil their potential at school. 

      Benefits for pupils and teachers

      • Encourages inclusivity - all children in the classroom can actively participate in group activities
      • Makes speech so clear that children feel like they are sitting in the front row
      • Enables children to focus on their work rather than their hearing
      • Expands opportunities i.e. when choosing GCSEs, students can study IT, media, music etc
      • Facilitates access to the general curriculum, including more challenging activities such as physical education and performing arts
      • Promotes tolerance and understanding - seeing students using assistive technology prepares all pupils for future interactions with individuals who have disabilities
      • Offers teachers the facility to better instruct children with different learning styles
      • Allows pupils to express themselves with less frustration and misunderstanding
      • Provides more independence, giving teachers more time to spend with other students and on group activities
      • Assists the whole class as students using assistive technology are more integrated and cause fewer distractions

      Featured Product

      Roger Pen & MyLink Bundle

      Roger pen 

      The Roger system is an amplified conversation listener that has superb sound and speech enhancement technology that can transform the ability to hear. It is very easy to use and automatically switches between different types of sound pickup. The system has a Bluetooth connection for wireless listening devices.

      Key benefits

      • Wireless neckloop for use with hearing aids on the 'T' or loop setting
      • Using the neckloop with hearing aids helps to hear more clearly by blocking out background noise
      • Headphone connection on the receiver to connect headphones for non-hearing aid wearers
      • Directional microphone option – it can be worn by or pointed at the person talking
      • Omni-directional microphone option – it can be put on a table to amplify a whole group conversation
      • Switches between microphone pickups automatically
      • Up to 10 Roger transmitters can be used in a network for group use
      • Range of up to 20m, with Bluetooth connection a 10m range
      • TV connection kit supplied, can be used to listen to the TV and conversation at the same time
      • Up to 7 hours battery life

      “OMG! Just got the new Phonak Roger Pen and audio shoes switched on and the difference it makes is jaw dropping. Am amazed. Close to tears." Charlotte 

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