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      Product sales and support

      There are many great reasons to buy from us, including our industry-leading technical support.

      When you buy an assistive product from us, our technical experts are on hand to offer full product support. They’re happy to answer your questions and talk you through any tricky technical issues.

      For all types of product, support services are available:

      • Bellman Visit alerting system
      • doorbells
      • alarm clocks
      • care and baby monitoring systems
      • listening devices
      • TV listeners
      • room loops
      • headphones
      • amplified phones (including smartphones and mobiles)
      • tinnitus relaxers
      • hearing aid care
      • installation and hearing support systems

      Plus, we offer product support and advice for other assistive products and hearing loss technology not listed above.

      Get in touch

      Before getting in touch for help with assistive products, please ensure that you have your product details to hand.

      Telephone: 03330 144 485
      Textphone: 03330 144 530

      We welcome calls via SMS and Next Generation Text.

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      03330 144 530

      Open 9am–5pm, Mon–Fri

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