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      Selecting products

      Do you need advice on selecting the right hearing support system for your needs and to meet the requirements for 11 million people in the UK with deafness or hearing loss?

      Each organisation has individual requirements and needs. Most will require installed systems but, sometimes, portable equipment is more appropriate. Businesses with customer service departments will need to consider telecommunication products. Basically, selecting the right solution for your organisation is not a case of ‘one size fits all’.

      In our Hearing Support Systems brochure, you'll find information on some of the different products you might need to help comply with the Equality Act, including:

      • Installed loops and infrared systems
      • Portable loops, the clipboard loop and the conference folder loop
      • Tour guide systems to help tour leaders and trainers communicate clearly with people who have hearing loss
      • Personal listeners – versatile products that amplify conversations and can also be used to check loop systems are working
      • The Text Relay service, which enables people who have hearing loss to communicate by telephone with anyone, anywhere in the world.


      For more information, contact us on:

      Telephone: 03332 405 658
      Textphone: 03330 144 530